Flex Membership

Project Spaces Flex Membership

Meet coworking à la carte

A brand new Project Spaces membership with infinite customization! Perfect for side hustlers, digital nomads, and anyone who just needs to get out of the house. Simply grab a Flex Membership and then create your perfect month-to-month plan! Only pay for what you need. Right off the bat, this membership ($45/month) includes:

• 2 day passes per month
• 50% off all meeting room bookings
• Coffee, tea and sparkling water
• Access to exclusive member events

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Create the plan that's right for you...

Need more than the basic plan? Flex is all about customization! The following options are building blocks that can be added to your membership. Create the plan that's right for you. Overwhelmed with choice? Let's chat: Book a tour or use the chat button below!

All memberships are Flex ($45) + one or more of the following options.

Unlimited 24/7 Access

This is our most popular Flex add-on (A.K.A. the Lounge Membership).

24/7 Unlimited

+ $280/month
For 24/7 access to all PS locations!
Includes $60 meeting room time + mail service + locker + printing
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Don't need 24/7 access? Scroll to explore more options!

Extra Day Passes

Add one or none of these extra day pass packages (usable 24/7).

Once Per Week

+ $60/month
For 2 extra day passes (4 total)
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Twice Per Week

+ $105/month
For 6 extra day passes (8 total)
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Unlimited 9-5

+ $205/month
For unlimited weekday access
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Before & After Hours

Perfect for side hustlers! Add one, two or all three (or none) of the following options:


+ $50/month
Unlimited access 4am-9am, M-F
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+ $50/month
Unlimited access 5pm-10pm, M-F
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+ $50/month
Unlimited access 7am-10pm, S-S
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Extra Services

Elevate your experience with these optional add-on services!

Mail Service

+ $45/month
Have your mail sent to the space.
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+ $30/month
Store items securely in your own locker.
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