Your business is awesome.

Whether it's a new startup or your freelancing gig, we already love it. And we've only just met. That's because we're Project Spaces, the founder-friendly coworking people. Since 2011 our open-concept workspaces have been home to badass businesses, and the founders that fuel them.

You see, Project Spaces is not just about the hustle. We're a community. Full of like-minded entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams and getting down and dirty with the businesses they love.

These are your people. Business-savvy superstars who understand the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. Surround yourself with people who can soften the blows and celebrate the victories.

Like these guys, for example 👇

That's Jeff and Neil. They met at Queen's University and founded Project Spaces in 2011 because they were tired of working on their startup from their living room.

With no playbook to follow, and armed only with a wifi connection, a keg fridge and a foosball table, Project Spaces was born.

A bit about Jeff... (@jefhow)

• Jeff grew up in Mississauga and studied Geography at Queen's. "It's the study of people, place and space," he says. How appropriate.

• Jeff is a master networker, and is known for his long-form, epic introductions of people. Tell him your story once, and he will never forget it.

• He was once named one of Canada's best dressed humans by The Globe and Mail.

And a bit about Neil... (@neilpse)

• Neil grew up in Ottawa, played hockey as a kid, and loves to remind people how much colder Ottawa gets in the winter. "Suck it up, Toronto."

• Neil comes from a musical family and started playing the guitar when he was 12. He believes that, in a parallel universe, he is probably a rock star.

• He loves coming up with new business ideas. The crazier, the better.

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