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Beating Pandemic Fatigue: 10 Tips for Staying Positive During Hard Times

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. The last 15 months since the pandemic started have been nothing short of exhausting, especially for all of us here in Ontario. And in light of that, we wanted to look at some tips we can all use to stay positive during tough times.
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9 Ways to Turn a Bad Morning Into a Great Day

Even the most happy-go-lucky among us have days that just get off to a bad start. But when you find that your day is taking a turn for the worst, you’ve got a choice to make: give in and suffer through it, or take steps to turn it around. If you chose the latter, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled nine things that can help you to take a bad day and make it better.
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5 Reasons to Embrace Coworking

Whether it's founding a new company or venturing out as a freelancer, these days it seems like more and more people are taking the leap.
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Bitcoin Begins

Continuing the 7-year anniversary of our 20 Camden Street location, I'm throwing back to one of my all time favourite events.
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A Camden Street Birthday Reflection

This past year has been a tough one for a lot of our members, so we thought we would celebrate Camden Street's seventh birthday by remembering a time when things weren't so certain for Project Spaces.
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Your 2021 Wardrobe

Inspired by the spirit and grit of our community, we bring you our brand new, super comfy, limited edition "Whatever It Takes" hoodies!
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