A '70s Holiday Bash


December 9, 2022
8:00 pm
20 Camden Street

Back in the '70s, they didn't have the plain old Santa we have today.

No, friends. They had Disco Santa.

Disco Santa was different. He was effortlessly groovy. He rocked a white ponytail, drove a red Corvette, and said things like, "Catch you on the flip side."

Disco Santa wasn't much for making lists, or checking them any particular number of times. He was far too busy hitting the dance floor in platform shoes, taking excellent care of his Pet Rock, or cruising up and down Main Street on a Friday night.

And when it came to celebrating the holidays, Disco Santa did it with as much style as he could muster, and as much Jello as he could get his groovy hands on.

So join us on Friday, December 9th as we take a trip back in time to honour the legacy of Disco Santa with a '70s inspired Christmas bash!

We're talkin' punch, polaroids, throwback holiday tunes, and plenty more.

Space is limited so get your tickets now and we'll catch you on the flip side...

Members: $20 / Guests: $30

(Psst. Members - Check Slack for your discount code)