Society of Women Engineers

Engineering Communities at Home and Abroad

January 16, 2020
6:30 pm
73 Bathurst, 4th floor

Jill Lauren Hass is Senior Civil/Environmental Engineer who will share her experience in sustainable development at home and abroad.

Engineers need to be connected to communities to provide appropriate solutions and new engineers are ideally positioned to excel at that, and women more so. Jill will share how this applies overseas, in humanitarian response and in sustainable development, and in our home municipalities.

Speaker Bio:
Jill Lauren Hass, P.Eng., M.Eng., LEED AP® is Senior Civil/Environmental Engineer with 20+ years of infrastructure design and construction experience, specialized in employing innovative biological systems to replace electro-mechanical water & wastewater infrastructure. Jill spent 10 years working/volunteering on Sustainable Development projects in Central and South America before becoming Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of a private alternative sewer company. Recently, Jill returned from a 3 year contract with UNHCR as their Jordan WASH Officer to install the first purpose-built municipal sewerage system within a UN refugee camp, 6 km south of the Syrian border in Jordan, servicing up to 100,000 people. She currently is the Global WASH Technical Director for Relief International, a charity that works exclusively in post-disaster areas.