Gaurav Shinde

April 21, 2022
5:30 pm
20 Camden Street

Gaurav Shinde is about to be the 7th human ever to sail around the world without any modern technology. More people have walked on the moon!

Why would anyone do this, you ask?

Gaurav is participating in The Golden Globe Race, a solo, non-stop circumnavigation without the use of modern technology and no outside assistance. The race will start in September 2022 and has 30 participants from all over the world.

What makes this race the most competitive race on the planet?

There will not be any assistance or use of any modern technology as all the participants will be using the same type of equipment and technology that was carried on board by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in 1968. Fewer people have sailed around the world (non-stop & solo) than astronauts have stepped on the moon!

What are the risks? Sea storms. Killer whales. Isolation. You name it.

With over 40,000 nautical miles under his belt, Gaurav is determined to be the 7th person in history to complete this feat. He'll be leaving Canada mid-May, making pitstops in Kingston, Montreal, and Halifax before heading to the start line at Les Sables-d'Olonne, France.

We're thrilled to have Gaurav stop by Project Spaces to share his incredible journey with us.

What is Conversations?‍

Conversations is a special event where we invite prominent thought-leaders to share their stories, successes and failures, and answer questions from the PS community in an intimate setting. Past guests include Chris Glover (MPP, Spadina-Fort York), Ken Aber (Founder, Blueprint Business Architecture), Clive Veroni (Author of Spin), Christine Carlton (Founder, The September), Patrick Chung (Managing Partner, Xfund) and Vladimir Antaki (Author of The Guardians).

How can I attend?

Registration is free but spots are limited so please register now!

Beverages and snacks will be provided.