Your Month-End Evening Chill Sesh


February 27, 2020
6:00 pm
73 Bathurst Street, 4th floor

*FREE for Project Spaces members. Check your email for a promo code*

After the smashing success of our new breakfast series, BOOST, we're reinventing the wheel yet again to bring back happy hour... with a twist...

Introducing GROOVE: Your Month-End Evening Chill Sesh

The lights get lower. The music gets louder. Your workday goes longer.

Stay in the GROOVE... 😉

You're going to love this. We'll be transforming the King West lounge using a ton of colour-changing LED lights to create a vibe and ambience the likes of which PS has never seen. Add hip-hop beats, complimentary kombucha, wine and beer, plus all your favourite people, and you have GROOVE.

What inspired this awesomeness???

A lot of you have asked why we haven't had a happy hour yet in 2020. Jeff and I realized it was because they felt unproductive. It meant the end of any real work that day and, let's be honest, it's not like we were feeling great the next morning. And yet, we would find ourselves in the evenings sitting at a bar or restaurant, bevvy in hand, still getting work done, but in an environment that allowed us to relax.

That's when we realized what should be done... happy hour had to return, but with a new spirit and purpose.

So we hope you'll join us on Thursday from 6-9pm for the first ever edition of GROOVE: Your Month-End Evening Chill Sesh!!!