Why We Need More Women Investors

May 15, 2019
6:00 pm
20 Camden Street, 2nd floor

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Learn how these women-led organizations are bridging the gender gap when it comes to sourcing and deploying capital investments.

About this Event

One is preparing women to be successful early-stage investors. One is empowering female founders to get more dollars via an online directory and real-life community of women-owned businesses. And one is offering a non-repayable, no equity funding up to $20,000 CAD. Thank you, more please.

In 2018, PitchBook reported that women founders received 2.2% of the $130B USD VC funding in the US. In Canada, it was approximately 4.0% of total VC funding. The total number of women partners within these funds are also underrepresented. The lack of balance on both sides of the equation has continued to hinder investment opportunities; however, the investment landscape is changing. Those who are working to transform the outcome are women and leaders in their field, and they are making conscious decisions with their dollars.

In this installment of Rhiza Capital's ImpacTalks, we bring you three women-led organizations to discuss how their personal and professional experiences are driving them to work avidly at, not only narrowing the gender gap, but taking matters into their own hands to create bold opportunities for themselves and their fellow peers - investors and entrepreneurs.

We are excited to have an open dialogue, moderated by Sophia Ruffolo, femmebought's CEO and Founder, among our guest speakers and you (the audience). Bring your questions and comments and prepare for a fulfilling evening sharing thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

Our Speakers

Jill Earthy, Head of Female Funders
Kim Kirton, Entrepreneur, Growth Marketer & Director of Programming, Tease Tea Founders Fund
Sophia Ruffolo, Founder & CEO, femmebought (Panel Moderator)

Location & Schedule
Project Spaces
, Suite 200, 20 Camden Street, Toronto, ON

6:00: Check in and refreshments
7:00: Speaking session begins
8:30: Wrap Up

Rhiza Capital presents: ImpactTalks, an original speaker series to provide open dialogue regarding impact investing. ImpactTalks will feature conversations on topics under the impact umbrella such as personal and institutional investing, funding strategies, Certified B Corporations, FinTech, and more!

This event is brought to you by our partnership with Project Spaces and femmebought.