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5 Mask Makers Stepping Up to the Plate in Toronto

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In recent weeks, Canada’s chief public health officer officially recommended that Canadians wear non-medical face masks to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Since then, more Torontonians have been sporting reusable masks, and locals have been stepping up to the plate to provide stylish face coverings. Here’s a list of Toronto locals you can purchase functional and fashionable masks from.

1. Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser is a local designer who has gained a reputation among young creatives and celebrities for her fresh take on timeless wardrobe staples over the years. Now she’s taking the bold designs and colourful prints she’s become known for and incorporating them into reusable masks. Hayley’s innovative masks can be purchased on her website, and 20% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the COVID-19 Response Fund by Food Banks Canada.  

2. Peace Collective

This Canadian clothing company has a long history of getting involved in good causes, and it’s no surprise that they have taken it upon themselves to provide Torontonians with much-needed masks. With their buy one, give one mask program, a reusable protective mask will be donated to a front line worker for every mask purchased. They also have masks for sale that are specifically designed for children.

3. Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a ready-to-wear designer that has established her own brand selling women’s clothing and accessories. Her latest business endeavour has been creating non-medical, reusable face masks that have both an ear loop and tie option alongside her team. A portion of every Ellie Mae mask sale will be donated to Feed the Front Lines TO.

4. Narces

Lead by designer Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi, Narces is a womenswear line known for its luxurious evening wear, cocktail, and bridal designs. The company is now shifting its efforts to creating and donating intricately designed face masks with pocket filters. Narces will be donating 2+ masks to local health and care institutions for every mask that is sold.

5. Caitlin Power

This Toronto-based clothing line was built on the premise of supporting the Canadian economy with its 100% made in Canada model. Caitlin Power is now coming through with unique face masks that have an especially snug fit. With Caitlin Power masks, you have the option to choose contact-free downtown pickups. The next batch of made to order masks will be shipped out on June 19th.

6. Maskwell

Toronto-based Maskwell provides quality reusable masks featuring high-efficiency air filters. Local air filter e-commerce startup PureFilters and marketing agency Now Creative Group partnered to meet the demands of the pandemic. A portion of all Maskwell sales are donated to The Home Front, providing PPE supplies and supporting charities on the front lines. Each mask comes with a set of replaceable filters, and Maskwell offers the ability to subscribe for fresh filter refills.

Kudos to everyone that has stepped up during this time of need! Nothing makes us happier than seeing Torontonians helping one another and supporting local businesses.

Thank you 🙌
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