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A Guide for Digital Nomads Travelling This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. The streets are lined with lights, malls are filled to the brim with last-minute shoppers, and people are gearing up to catch flights to the place they once called “home” The holidays are less than a week away and there’s just no getting around the madness that is to come. If you’re a digital nomad travelling this holiday season, you’re probably in for an extra dose of craziness, but worry not – we’re here to help! Here’s the ultimate guide for digital nomads travelling this holiday season.

Avoid Travelling on Peak Days

Airports can be an absolute disaster on peak travel days, so it’s best to try and avoid travelling during these time periods. As a digital nomad, you have the luxury of choosing when you get to fly out, and you might as well take advantage of it! This year, Saturday is looking like a promising travel day for Christmas since the holiday is taking place during the middle of the week.

Check-In Online

As a frequent traveller, you’ve probably discovered the wonders of online check-ins by now, and you’ll definitely want to make use of this handy tool during the holidays. By taking the extra time to check-in online, you’ll get to bypass mile-long lines and if you’re not checking luggage, you’ll get to skip the check-in counter altogether. Score!

Leave Extra Early

It’s not just airports that are hectic during the holiday season – the roads are just as jam-packed and it’s in your best interest to factor in unexpected traffic. Instead of aiming to arrive at the airport early, aim to leave early in general. If you end up getting to the airport with ample time to spare, use that opportunity to get a bit more work done and tie up loose ends before the holiday festivities officially begin!

Don’t Lug Your Gifts Along With You

As a digital nomad, you’re probably used to travelling light, and, contrary to popular belief, you can still do this during the holiday season, thanks to modern-day shipping. Make the most of shipping services and get your presents shipped to your destination in advance instead of lugging them along with you.

Double Check You Have Your Chargers

There’s nothing worse than getting through all the airport security lines only to discover that you’ve forgotten chargers that you need. For digital nomads, this scenario can be absolutely devastating, so make sure you double (or triple) check that all your chargers have been packed before you head out for the holidays.

That’s all she wrote! With this holiday travel guide handy, you’re all set to fly to your festivities without any mishaps. And if you’re looking for a Toronto coworking space to call home once the holidays are all said and done, look no further than Project Spaces.

At Project Spaces, bringing business-savvy superstars together is our forte, and we’d love nothing more than to see some fresh faces in the New Year. Book a tour of our coworking spaces today to get down and dirty with the business you love this decade!  

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