Becoming A Digital Nomad For Dummies

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There has been a growing trend towards becoming a digital nomad in recent years and having a regular 9-5 job may soon become a thing of the past. With advancements in technology and social media constantly pushing the idea of having great travel experiences, it’s no wonder that people are attracted to the lifestyle. But while the idea of being a digital nomad may be appealing to some, it isn’t as easy as it looks and there are necessary adaptations that every digital nomad has to make.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on becoming a successful remote worker, you’ve come to the right place.

Start Slow

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is one that requires slow changes in the beginning - you can’t just pick up and leave your job, your home and/or your car on a whim. You need to slowly let go of things that are keeping you attached to your current location (like long-term leases) and rid yourself of the little stuff you simply won’t be able to bring with you on the road. The less ties you have, the better!

Know Your Skill Set

It’s important to identify the skills you have that can be monetized on the web, whether that be writing, web design, or marketing capabilities, just to name a few. Once you’ve established your skill set, start picking up freelance work and building your portfolio. Having solid proof of your quality work will make it much easier to secure future employment and business opportunities.

Have a Plan

Most new ventures require some level of planning and transforming into a digital nomad is no different. In fact, the digital nomad lifestyle requires even more preparation than a regular office job and it’s imperative that you stick to the plans you make. Have a clear idea of where you’d like to work from, the time period you’d like to stay and the projects that need to be completed before you set off on your adventures.

Stay Organized

To-do lists and calendars are an essential component of the digital nomad lifestyle. It can be pretty easy for things to slip your mind when you’re relaxing in a remote destination, but if you want to keep funding this lifestyle you better get things done on time! Start out every day by checking what needs to get done and organizing your time accordingly.

Become a Member of the Community

One of the most beneficial things you can do as a new digital nomad is to join a community of remote workers. Surrounding yourself with fellow digital nomads is a great way to network, stay motivated and draw inspiration from like-minded individuals.

If you think you’re ready to start your venture into the digital nomad lifestyle, book a tour at Project Spaces today. Their open-concept workspaces and flexible membership packages make the freelance transition practical and fun!

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