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Hosted at Project Spaces King West - January 9, 2013

So you've built your product, and it works. Great! But don't celebrate yet. Who is going to use it? How are they going to find out about you? And more importantly, once they find you, how do you keep them coming back? This panel will explore early marketing tactics, community management and how to generate the "buzz" that every startup so desperately needs.

This panel featured Craig Hunter, Marketing & Community Manager at Uber, Karim El Rabiey, Head of Marketing at Venio, and Sarah Stockdale, Business Development & Buzz at Wave. Moderated by Jeffrey Howard, Co-Founder of

Special thanks to Asterisk Media and Steamwhistle!

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#DrinksDemos​ is a monthly event hosted the second Wednesday of every month at Project Spaces, a co-working space in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada.

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