Company Culture in the Age of Remote Working

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The modern workplace has changed significantly in the past few decades. Due to technological advances, employees no longer have to be in the same office space to collaborate. A lot of businesses are now employing digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers. The internet has made the world a lot smaller and organizations can now easily work with people from around the world. This global accessibility is extremely advantageous as it allows for employment diversity and convenience. However, it can be difficult to keep a strong company culture under these conditions.

The internet has also saturated the marketplace. If your brand or organization is going to stick out amongst the competition, you need to maintain a solid and positive culture. Here are some ways to help your workforce work together and stay together wherever they are:

Organize Outings

If your employees aren’t completely spread out around the world, it’s important to get some face time. Whether it’s meeting up for a dinner, drinks, going bowling or a game night, showing your team that you care will motivate them to work harder. As well, they’ll get to meet their coworkers face-to-face which will likely lead them to collaborate more efficiently during working hours. Bottom line, you’ll get to have fun and create bonds with your team which is the most valuable aspect of socializing.

If your team is spread out and unable to be in the same place at the same time, schedule a time at least biweekly for a video conference call. Make sure you don’t solely talk about work on the call. Ask your staff members about their personal lives, interests, and hobbies. Small talk can make a big impact.

Keep in Contact

On top of social outings, it’s important to talk to your team members on a regular basis. You shouldn’t just be reaching out to them to remind them of deadlines. Check in to see how they’re handling their workload and let them know they’re doing a good job. Look into getting all of your employees on a messaging service like Slack so they can also talk to each other. One of the hardest parts of remote working can be the isolation because you’re not going into an office to chat with co-workers. Simulate a water cooler discussion on an online platform.

Send out Swag

To build a strong office culture, send your employees branded swag. It can be something as small as a sticker or as big as a hoodie. Owning something with the brand’s logo on it will make your employees feel like they belong to a team. It’s also a little bit of free promo for the company so it’s a win-win!

In the era of digital nomads, it’s crucial to maintain a productive and content workforce through a thriving company culture. Remember, investing in your staff is one of the best investments you can make. If you need a home base for your team of freelancers or remote workers, book a tour of Project Spaces today.

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