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5 Considerations for Finding a Coworking Space Where You'll Thrive

Project Spaces

We love coworking. But we’ll be the first to admit that not every space is the right fit for every person.


Here’s the thing: much like the people who work in them, coworking spaces vary vastly. They're more than just walls, desks, and chairs, which means picking the right one for you comes down to a few important variables.

While we can’t speak for other spaces, we can speak for ourselves. 

So, here are five ways to know if Project Spaces is the place for you. 

1. Budgeting is important to you

In our humble opinion, expensive isn’t always better. 

As a founder who’s trying to grow your business, would you rather keep money in the bank to be invested in your business?

There’s no right or wrong answer to that question. It just depends on what you prefer.

At Project Spaces, we take steps to keep prices as low as possible (more on that to come) because we believe our members would rather hold onto that extra cash.

We started out as a couple of guys looking for a great place to work. That’s why we’re founder-friendly

It’s in our DNA.

2. You want more than just free coffee and WiFi

Don’t get us wrong here: of course you need secure and reliable wifi. Bottomless free coffee never hurt anyone either (we’ve got it too). 

But that’s not what coworking is all about.

If you ask us, coworking is about being part of a community. 

It’s about making new work friends

It’s about having people around you who can help you learn just about anything

And it’s about having a place where you can go to get dialed in, absolutely crush your workday, then unwind with a couple of cocktails at happy hour with some people you actually like hanging out with.

3. You think private office space is overrated

Some people really value the privacy of their own lockable office. And for some professions and industries, it’s actually non-negotiable. 

But at Project Spaces, it’s our belief that most founders don’t actually need one and, as such, we don’t have any.

We opt to keep our space physically and metaphorically open to create a sense of community, connection, and collaboration.

4. You don’t need fancy stuff for fancy’s sake

As we said, we’re all about keeping costs as low as possible so that you can hang onto that cash and reinvest it into your business (or a vacation).

So, we don’t waste money on unnecessary fancy stuff like two thousand dollar office chairs or solid oak desks. 

Instead, we invest heavily into the important stuff, like super-fast, reliable internet, member-focused technology and automations, and community events.

Then we get creative with how we design and furnish our spaces. We even build our own dedicated desks.

That way, you can get the best coworking experience imaginable while keeping more money in your pockets.

5. You’re a hustler 

We’ll be honest. Being at Project Spaces won’t make your work easier because your work is hard

In all likelihood, it’s always going to be hard and it should be because building something worthwhile shouldn’t be easy.

And we can’t do that work for you.

But we absolutely can make your day more enjoyable. 

We can help make your workflows more efficient. 

We can give you the tools and support you need to do your best work. 

We can offer you a community of professionals who just get you. 

At Project Spaces, we’re all in here hustling and grinding, individually but together.

It doesn’t matter to us what you’re working on. It only matters that you love it and that you’re ready to work hard.

There’s no one-size-fits-all coworking space. And that’s kind of the point. That’s why, when you find the right one, it’ll fit you like a glove. 

We know Project Spaces might not work for everyone, but it’s perfect for some. 

If that sounds like you, then you’ve found your place and we invite you to come join us at Project Spaces. We’re a community of supportive, like-minded, Toronto-based professionals and we’d love to have you work here. 

Thank you 🙌
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