How to Stay Organized as a Digital Nomad

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Most digital nomads live a pretty busy lifestyle filled with travel, meeting new people, and exploring new places that could potentially become home (even if only for a short while). Seeing as remote workers are always on the go, their life tends to involve a lot of moving.

If you’ve moved before, you know how much organization it requires. Even just moving your work location from your living space to a café involves a considerable amount of organization. That’s why we’ve decided to divulge all the tips and tricks required to stay organized as a digital nomad!

Have A Designated Work Bag

Having a designated work bag will save you a lot of the stress and struggle that come with trying to get all your goods together before heading out the door. Pick a sturdy bag with a bunch of compartments and keep things like power cords, business cards, pens, notebooks, and snacks at all times.

Lock Down Your Work Location Early On

Trying to find a reliable workspace in a new location on the day something is due can be an absolute nightmare. Do your research during the early days (or even before) your trip to establish a dependable space you can work in for the duration of it.

Take note of the location’s hours of operation and make sure you know exactly where it is so you don’t get lost while carrying your entire office with you. Also, take advantage of all the reviews that TripAdvisor has to offer!

Travel Slowly

When it comes to staying organized, slow travel is the best kind of travel. Instead of spending a few days in one destination before moving on to the next, spend at least a couple weeks at every location you visit.

Extending your stays will give you the time you need to get things done. Plus, you’ll be able to really connect with the local culture.

Keep a Calendar

Keeping a calendar is an absolute essential to staying organized as a digital nomad. With so many things going on in your life, how else are you supposed to keep track of all your tasks, deadlines, and upcoming meetings?

From Asana to Trello to Google Calendar - there are a plethora of calendar apps available to help you to seamlessly stay on top of things. Take advantage of this technology, you are a digital nomad after all!

Clean Up Your Workspace

Make a concerted effort to keep your workspace as clean as possible. A cluttered workspace contributes to a scattered brain, and organization goes down the drain.

Throw out all unnecessary papers, and make use of a file folder if you have a desk you regularly work at. If you work at a different location day-to-day, clean out your workbag regularly, so you’re less likely to unload your mess everywhere you go.

Speaking of stellar workspaces, at Project Spaces we pride ourselves on providing digital nomads with vibrant, open-concept workspaces that are designed to help them succeed. Book a tour today and join our digital nomad fam!

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