How To Strengthen Your Remote Team’s Company Culture

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Company culture encompasses the personality of a company and is defined by an organizations' value, mission, work environment, ethics, and goals. It has never been as important as it is in the present day. Companies that don’t prioritize their culture end up with a high turnover rate, while those that do (like Google) have job seekers doing everything they can to make their way in.

Typically, a company can create a positive culture by providing spaces that help bring their employees together, but with remote work on the rise how on earth can a company strengthen its culture without that constant in-person interaction? Well, you’re about to find out because today’s blog is all about how you can strengthen your remote team’s company culture!

Have Clear Expectations

Start out on the right foot by laying out clear expectations for your remote workers. Have a contract in place that outlines times they should be working, results expected, and normal working practices.

There’s nothing worse than being unsure of your boss’ expectations and miscommunication can be a confidence killer!

Celebrate on Social

Take to social media to celebrate even the smallest wins from your employees. It’s a great way to make sure your remote workers feel included and get the acknowledgement they deserve for a job well done.

You’d be surprised how much a shout out can make someone’s day and boost overall company morale!

Value Videoconferencing

It’s incredibly difficult to get a true sense of what someone really wants via text. Getting your remote workers to communicate at least once a week on a video conference is a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page and issues are nipped in the bud.

Tone of voice and nonverbal cues communicate 93% of our messages and no amount of characters can stand in place of that.

Know Your Team’s Needs

Just because you don’t come face to face with your remote workers every day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to get to know them and their communication styles. In fact, being aware of how different members of your team communicate is even more important when working remotely.

Introverted team members may need an extra bit of encouragement to communicate, so take note of who those individuals are.

Take Some Time To Meet Up

It’s important to unwind with your remote workers and get to know them on a more personal level. The best workplaces are ones where co-workers actually end up becoming friends (yes, this even applies in an online environment).

Put aside some time to organize a monthly meet up with your remote team, the whole company will be better off for it!

While remote work has a plethora of perks, there’s still nothing that can replace in-person interactions with your work family. At Project Spaces, we offer the best of both worlds! Our co-working spaces are places where remote workers can come and go as they please and our meeting rooms are perfect for monthly team meetups. Book a tour of our spaces today!

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