How to Trade a Corporate Career for World Travel

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Not too long ago, corporate careers were hailed as the be-all and end-all, and they were something young grads would aspire to attain. While this notion still holds true for some professionals, many others have come to the conclusion that working a nine-to-five in a cubicle and getting a measly ten vacation days a year simply isn’t cutting it.

There’s been a major transition in our culture over the past several years, and individuals now value experiences and life changes much more than they value stability. Becoming a digital nomad has never been more appealing, and there’s a growing desire among workers to trade their corporate career for world travel. If you’re in this predicament, you’ve come to the right place because today we’re going to tell you how to do just that!

Hone In On a Skill You Can Sell

Before you hastily pack up your desk and put in your two weeks notice, you must hone in on a skill you can sell. At the end of the day, you still need to make money once you’ve left office life.

Take a moment to reflect on the skills you’ve gained throughout your corporate career and focus more specifically on jobs you can do that require nothing more than a piece of technology to complete. Jobs that fall into this category include sales, marketing, writing, graphic design, consulting, programming, and translation services, to name a few. The possibilities truly are endless – just make sure you pick something you love to do!

Attract Clients

Once you’ve pinpointed a skill you have that people are willing to pay for, it’s time to start getting some customers. This means putting yourself out there, building a professional portfolio, and developing a strong online presence.

Don’t be discouraged if clients don’t come rolling in right away; these things take time. When you’re first starting out, your clients are more than likely going to be people that you already have in your network (a.k.a. friends and family), but if you keep working hard and promoting your services, one day you’ll land your first client, and the rest will be history!

Take A Leap Of Faith

The final step you have to take when making the switch from a corporate career to living the life of a digital nomad is mustering up the courage to quit your nine-to-five. This can be done once you’ve built up enough confidence in your abilities and gained a solid customer base. You may end up taking a bit of a pay cut at first, but you know what they say – nothing worth having comes easy.

Trading in your corporate career for world travel is no easy feat, but if you’re passionate about what you do and have the itch to try new things, it’ll be well worth it in the end. And if you ever end up in Toronto during your world travels, don’t hesitate to stop by Project Spaces and say hello! Our coworking spaces are a great place to meet fellow digital nomads and give your hustle a home. Book a tour today!

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