It’s Official – Remote Workers Are Performing Better Than Office Workers!

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Remote workers are on the rise and doing your daily grind from a cubicle just isn’t cutting it anymore. It isn’t just a bandwagon  trend that millennials have jumped on to because it’s trendy, there’s actually hard research that proves remote workers are outperforming office workers!

A study published in the Harvard Business Review found that people have a critical need for more privacy in the workplace and the number of workers that have claimed they cannot concentrate at their desk has increased a whopping 16% since 2008. Also, the number of workers who have stated they don’t have access to quiet spaces to do focused work is up 13%.

There is one rational conclusion that can be drawn from the findings of the study – since remote workers have access to places where they can work hard and focus, they inherently perform better! A plethora of other research has proven this notion to be accurate, and today we’re uncovering the three main reasons remote workers are performing better than office workers.

1. They’re Pretty Dang Productive

Productivity plays a huge part in overall performance, and since remote workers have the ability to separate themselves from all distractions, they can get a lot more done. A nationwide study on productivity prohibitors discovered that 65% of workers believe that remote work would boost their productivity and another 86% stated that working alone would allow them to reach their maximum productivity level.

The statements from these workers are hardly surprising given the fact that 61% of them claimed that loud colleagues were a productivity killer. Working remotely allows you to find quiet, productivity-fuelling oases that simply aren’t present in most office environments!

2. They’re Better At Communicating

Contrary to popular belief, distance actually makes workers better communicators. The lack of close physical proximity that comes with working remotely forces all communications between workers to be purposeful and persistent. Plus, it takes away the fears of public speaking in front of your peers.

You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

3. They’re Much More Engaged

Working remotely allows for flexible scheduling, which means you don’t have to stress out over other goings-on in your life. If you’re sick, you can recover faster from home and do work whenever you’re feeling up to it. If you have a family matter to attend to, you don’t have to worry about taking time off work or having to deal with a long commute.

Overall, this helps workers to be more engaged with what they’re doing!

These three factors that contribute to better performance are all the more reason to consider adopting the digital nomad lifestyle. And if you’re a remote worker that’s on the search for a place to call home, look no further than Project Spaces. Our coworking space includes meeting rooms and a spacious lounge area that will help you be the best worker you can be! Book a tour today to check out our digs.

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