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Tech is a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tech companies that have started up over the past several years and some of them have even managed to become billion-dollar enterprises.

The sheer volume of tech companies popping up and the rapid rate at which many of them are growing has created a huge demand for one thing in particular – hiring!

That’s where Ilan Saks, the Founder and CEO of Stacked HR, comes in. Ilan recognized a need for hiring services catered to technology companies early on in his career while he was working for a venture capital firm. After helping several former colleagues with hiring for tech-related positions, he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own talent consulting business for high-growth technology companies in early 2013.

Like many startups, getting the business off the ground was far from glamorous and the first year consisted of Ilan working remotely from various cafés in Montreal along with a couple of team members. Ilan joked that during that time period, “My dad liked to harp on me because he’d say go get an office, but I liked working out of a café!”

He couldn’t keep up that café lifestyle forever though, because mere months after starting the business, it really began to show potential!

Ilan continued working from Montreal for about a year, then decided to make the move back to Toronto to be closer to friends and family. The business grew steadily after his move and Ilan began building strong relationships with several clients, some of whom have since gone on to become billion dollar companies.

After a solid four years in the biz, Ilan decided to bring his little brother, Jared Saks, on board. Funny enough, he considers this his most difficult recruitment to date!

He explained, “My most challenging recruit or headhunting experience was headhunting him to come and work with me. It took two full years!”

Jared and Ilan are a fun-loving duo that has gone down similar paths in life. After spending their childhood growing up in Niagara Falls, both brothers went on to get their Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University. Once Jared finished school, he began working for a larger tech company that had recently acquired a startup. He did some really interesting work on the sales and product side of things while there.

Even though Jared really enjoyed his job at the tech company, he eventually gave it up after a lot of persistence and persuasion from Ilan. Jared knew that Stacked HR would be a good fit for him because he trusted his brother and had a passion for the startup ecosystem and technology as a whole.

Both Jared and Ilan absolutely love the clients they work with today and find fulfillment in helping companies grow.

Jared explained, “The biggest thing for me is always helping companies grow and building their teams. We’re not just making one or two quick hires here and there and then getting out. We love the companies we work with, we love their products, and we really want to help them build in the long-term, so that’s kind of where I personally get a lot of fulfillment in doing what we do.”

Around the same time Jared was brought on board, another major shift happened for Stacked HR – they joined the Project Spaces family! Ilan knew Neil and Jeff, the founders of Project Spaces, since his early days working for the venture capital company, and he felt a connection to them since they were also entrepreneurs at heart. Ilan stated, “We were relatable in that sense. I loved how grassroots it was here; I love how much it felt startup-y. It wasn’t pretentious, and it felt like a great place to call home base.”

It’s been four years since Stacked HR began working out of the Project Spaces offices, and they couldn’t be happier with their decision!

To learn more about Stacked HR and find out what they’ll be doing next, visit their website. If you’d like to become part of the Project Spaces community, book a tour today. Don’t be surprised if you catch Ilan and Jared playing a lively game of ping pong while you’re checking out the space!

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