The Benefits of Working on a Small Team

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In this modern age, there are seemingly more and more ways to run a business popping up each day. From remote companies that rely on virtual assistants to run efficiently,  to traditionally large companies based out of one trendy office ­– now more than ever, workers have the option to truly consider which type of work environment gels best with their individual lifestyle.

While it once was common thought that working at a huge company was the right move, increasingly, tight-knit teams are becoming the popular option for job seekers. But why, you might ask? Well, here are all the benefits of working on a small team:


There’s no better way to feel that the work you do has immense value than working at a small company. Startups, unlike large established corporations, are often truly looking for team members who exude the same passion for the business as the boss.

Human beings simply must feel purposeful in their lives in order to feel content and on smaller teams, hefty responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of the team.

Inversely, due to often-substantial budgets, large companies have far more employees to keep things running, and thus, it’s not uncommon for people with cushy corporate jobs to find themselves twiddling their thumbs, looking for a new task to get to!


While employees of larger companies can often deal with the issue of struggling to cut through the noise and get their ideas heard and executed, this is not the case when you work on a smaller team. With a skeleton crew, your impact can go much further due to the fact that you consistently have the opportunity to share strategy ideas and fulfill your goals for your position with the help and encouragement of your team!


At a smaller company, your team is always there with you, focused on how to work with synergy to fulfill your company’s mission.

At a smaller company, your boss may be seated just three desks away from you at any time!

In the realm of professional development, access to upper management is a key factor in whether or not you are able to grow your position, move up in a company, and truly make a name for yourself professionally. Who knows, work hard enough on a smaller team and maybe you’ll be running the company one day!

Why Project Spaces

At Project Spaces, we are home to a unique group of small and mighty startups that are making an impact on their industries, many of which began as remote businesses. Making the transition from working remotely to bringing your team under one roof can feel like a big move, but we are firm believers in the power of community. At the end of the day, working collaboratively and in-person with a team is working smart!

Contact us today to book a tour of our space and learn more about how your company could thrive at our downtown Toronto coworking space!

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