Tips on Finding an Introvert-Friendly Workplace

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Introversion – it’s a much-talked-about personality trait that can put a damper on social situations for some of us. If you enjoy spending most of your time alone and have an inner monologue that’s nearly impossible to shut up, you probably fall into this category.

It takes a lot to bring an introvert out of their shell and make them feel comfortable around others – including in the workplace. That’s why we’ve decided to divulge a few tips on how to find an introvert-friendly workplace that’s suited to your needs!

1. Plenty of Privacy Options

Having a workspace with a door means a lot to the average introvert and a couple cozy meeting rooms can go a long way. As an introvert, you probably perform best when you have space to think alone, so having that option available will make a world of difference in your quality of work.

This doesn’t mean you should look for a job where you have your own private office, but at least make sure there are some doors that can be closed in the space!

2. Non-Mandatory Office Events

Even though team-building exercises come with good intentions behind them, they can be an absolute nightmare for introverts. Being in close social proximity to others can be a stressful and challenging situation, to say the least.

Pick a workplace that offers different kinds of interactive experiences that are optional. That way you’ll be able to go to events on days you’re feeling more social and get better connections out of them.

3. Online Means of Communication

In-person group meetings can be pretty intimidating for introverts and are all too often dominated by extroverts. Luckily, there are programs like Slack and Basecamp that make support and feedback from your peers possible on an online platform.

You deserve to have your voice heard, and your communication needs met!

4. Flexible Work Spaces

Having the option to work from home whenever you feel like it can significantly contribute to your productivity as an introvert. Introverts are excellent at focusing alone for hours on end and staying in the zone. Working outside the office, when needed, can also up your comfort level.

Both you and your boss will benefit from the comfort and productivity level that flexible work provides.

5. A Boss That Thinks Ahead

Introverts like to be in the know and respond better to higher-ups that are skilled planners. You’ll fare much better with a boss that can help you visualize tasks that are coming up and tackle them accordingly.

Remember, introversion is not a weakness, and a great boss will recognize the strengths you have!

At Project Spaces, we have designed our work spaces to be both extrovert and introvert-friendly. Our offices are open-concept, but we also have meeting rooms and lounge areas that are designed to meet your privacy needs. We hold optional weekly events so you can get to know your fellow digital nomads (if you so please). Book a tour of our spaces today!

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