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Top Five Ice Cream Shops You Should Hit Up This Summer

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Ice cream is a quintessential summer treat that can satisfy your sweet tooth and make you feel refreshed all in one go. With the record high temperatures the city has been experiencing lately, Torontonians have been showing their love for ice cream more than ever before. If you have yet to explore all the places in Toronto that serve this delectable snack, you’re missing out because the city is stocked full of them. Here are the top five ice cream shops worth hitting up this summer.

1. Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

We’re starting this list with a bang in the form of Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery! Bang Bang’s first opened their doors in June 2014, and there’s been a never-ending lineup on the Ossington strip ever since. This stellar shop serves up ice cream in a variety of unique flavours. From lychee rosewater to orange cardamom, to burnt toffee, this is the place to go if you’re feeling adventurous!

2. Sweet Jesus

This sweet ice cream shop has gained an excellent reputation for its scrumptious soft serve and Instagrammable creations. Some fan favourites include Krusty The Cone, Oh Hungry, and the Bangin’ Brownie. You can also pick up other sweet treats, including shakes, cakes, and frappes at Sweet Jesus. Did we mention that this shop has locations all over Toronto? We’re talking hotspots like CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Queen Street East, and John Street. There’s no excuse not to go!

3. Sukoi Desserts

Located at 760 Queen Street West, Sukoi Desserts has been serving up sweet (and fishy) treats to Torontonians for nearly a year. “Sukoi” is a play on the Japanese word for “amazing,” and boy does their ice cream live up to that description! Their matcha, milk, vanilla bean, and taro flavoured ice cream is served up in a Japanese fish-shaped cake that is traditionally filled with red bean paste. If you’re looking for a new way to eat your favourite frozen good, saunter on over to Sukoi.

4. Cauldron Ice Cream

Cauldron Ice Cream is an innovative, California-based ice cream chain and a crowd-pleaser. They have become known for their rose-shaped ice cream, which is served in bubble waffle cones, or as they like to call it, “Puffle Cones.” Another exciting thing about this place is that they make their ice cream in front of customers with liquid nitrogen that creates a mesmerizing fog. Some of Cauldron Ice Cream’s flavours include Sea Salted Caramel Crunch, Strawberry Shortcake, and Pineapple Express. You can pick up their Insta-worthy creations at 502 Queen Street West.

5. La Diperie

If you’re hanging out at Trinity Bellwoods, want a delicious soft swirl, and don’t want to wait in a mile-long line for it, La Diperie is the place for you. This Montreal-based soft serve chain opened up their Queen West location a couple of years ago, and park-goers have never been happier! La Diperie serves up extra creamy vanilla soft swirls in cones that can be dipped in a variety of chocolate flavours then rolled in the topping of your choice. They also have a raw cookie dough option that’s served by the scoop for all the vegans out there!

There you have it, the top five ice cream shops you should hit up this summer! After you’ve picked up your tasty treat, why not head on over to Project Spaces and take a tour of our co-working spaces? Our 73 Bathurst Street and 20 Camden Street locations are within walking distance of several of these shops. That’s right - you get a sweet place to work that’s close to a bunch of sweet treats. What a win!

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