Top Gifts to Get the Digital Nomad in Your Life

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are all about finding the perfect (read: more practical) gift for your loved ones. If you have a digital nomad on your shopping list it can be tricky to figure out what those travelers really want as they don’t exactly live materialistic lives. Or maybe you’re a digital nomad yourself looking to cash in on some incredible boxing day deals, hey, we won’t judge. Here are some things that will make life easier for people who work whenever and wherever:

Portable Charger

Portable chargers are an absolute must for any digital nomads who rely heavily on their mobile devices which, let’s be honest, is all of them. There’s nothing worse than a dead battery during a crucial call with a client or a long editing session. When you’re always on to go, it’s not realistic to depend on traditional outlet charging. There’s a wide variety of external batteries on the market for all price points. You can even get creative and get it in a funky shape that is sure to make your pal smile. Tis the season!

Cordless Headphones

Cords are so five years ago. If the digital nomad in your life still hasn’t invested in a pair of cordless headphones, make sure they don’t enter 2019 without them. Try to gage whether they’d want over-ear or in-ear. If bicycling is their preferred method of transportation, definitely get them an in-ear option. Do you know how hard it is to wear headphones and a helmet? If they live in a cold climate, pick them up a pair of over-ear headphones. They’ll essentially act as high-tech earmuffs. Keeping your ears warm while listening to music and/or podcasts is a total win-win.

Laptop Sleeve

Odds are your digital nomad friend primarily works with a laptop as opposed to a desktop computer. Anyone who’s ever damaged their laptop knows how inconvenient, let alone expensive it can be to fix. This predicament can be made even worse when you’re working in a foreign country. Make sure their most precious device is protected by gifting them a high-quality laptop sleeve this holiday season. Even if they treat their devices with tender love and care, they can’t account for the actions of airline staff. Sleeves not only lessen the risk of damage but provide extra peace of mind.

Laptop Stand

The gift of a laptop stand means the recipient won’t have to spend hundreds on physiotherapy in the future. That’s what we call a sound investment. Working on a laptop for hours at the time can cause major strain on your neck, back and wrists. This strain can be minimized by utilizing a laptop stand. A lot of people wouldn’t necessarily think to buy this for themselves which makes it the ideal gift.

Membership to a Coworking Space

Last but not least, why not give a digital nomad an occasional home base for their business? Book a tour for them to check out Project Spaces. If they like it, offer to pay for their membership. It can be super rewarding to have a place to hang your hat when you’re a world traveler.

Happy holidays from all of us at Project Spaces!

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