Ways To Stay Motivated When You Work Remotely

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The way people work has changed drastically in the last decade and the rise in remote work is an unstoppable phenomenon. Entrepreneurs and employees everywhere have ditched the traditional 9-5 work day at the office in favour of the flexibility that is afforded to them through remote working.

While most remote workers relish in the freedom they have to work from anywhere at any time, many also struggle to stay on track without direct accountability every day. If you’re a digital nomad that’s looking to increase your productivity level you’re in luck because today’s blog is all about ways to stay motivated when you work remotely!

Set Personal Deadlines

Deadlines can be pretty flexible when you work remotely, especially if you’re a solopreneur. As much as you might enjoy not having to meet the daily deadlines that are all too common in school and work environments, you still need to be somewhat consistent in terms of the work you produce. How else are you supposed to get paid?

To combat the issue of projects potentially not getting finished, set personal deadlines so you have some accountability (even if it is just to yourself). If you put something in your calendar, you’re much more likely to get it done on a set day.

Make Use of Video Chat

Let’s face it, remote working can get lonely and boring sometimes, which leads to a lack of motivation. Thankfully, we have a handy dandy tool called video chat!

Make use of all that technology has to offer and video chat a colleague or fellow digital nomad when you find yourself falling off track. Actual human interaction can give you the energy boost you need to get a task done.

Take A Break

Us mere mortals are only capable of doing so much at once and even though you may think powering through the work day is the most productive way to do things, it most definitely isn’t. Just like a car can’t move when it has no fuel, your brain can’t work when it hasn’t had a chance to recharge.

If you ever start feeling uninspired or can’t seem to overcome a slow pace, stepping away from your work for just five or ten minutes can help you return to your task with a whole new set of eyes.

Change Up Your Setting

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference in your ability to stay motivated. You are a digital nomad after all!

As appealing as working from your bed all day may be, the temptation to take a nap or binge watch the latest Netflix series can sometimes be too much. Free yourself of all distractions by going to work at a café, the local library, or better yet, a co-working space!

At Project Spaces, we know that staying motivated as a digital nomad can sometimes seem like Mission: Impossible. That’s why we’ve created co-working spaces that are specifically designed for remote workers to thrive. Our vibrant, open-concept workspaces and diverse community of workers provide the extra push you need to stay motivated. Book a tour today!

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