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Why Coworking Spaces Are More Important Now Than Ever Before

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A lot has changed over the past few months, and the future of work has come much sooner than any of us could have anticipated. In this new era of telework and social distancing, there’s been some cynicism about the future of coworking spaces. As businesses have started to open back up, however, it’s become increasingly evident that these unique work environments are set to make a strong comeback.

 Without further ado, here’s why coworking spaces are more important now than ever before.

 1. Accommodating Changing Business Budgets

The current state of the economy has negatively impacted many businesses’ bottom lines. Companies have had to cut costs as a result, and for some of them, maintaining a physical location is no longer feasible. Over the past few months, millions of workers have also proven that they are more than capable of remaining productive while working from home, which makes having dedicated headquarters even less appealing.

Coworking spaces are the perfect solution for businesses that are looking to decentralize their physical presence and keep their costs low.

2. Supporting Remote Workers and Small Businesses

With the pandemic prompting cities to embrace telework and the high likelihood of large corporations opting to decentralize, there will be a lot more remote workers. Not all of these remote workers will want to work from home forever (because let’s face it - WFH sucks), and many will be looking for places to work outside the four walls of their home.

In addition to new remote workers, small businesses and self-employed individuals will also continue to need access to affordable workspaces. Coworking spaces are well-equipped to meet this demand.   

3. Community and Connection

The community, connection, and the sense of camaraderie that coworking spaces provide to their members are some of their biggest selling points. After having to live with social distancing restrictions for who knows how long, workers are going to be craving deeper connections than the surface ones that are made online. We’ve already seen community members rallying around local businesses, and it’s more likely than not that this same energy will persist and make its way into the workplace.

At Project Spaces, community is at the heart of everything we do. Our vibrant and affordable coworking spaces in downtown Toronto are home to a diverse group of digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and business founders. Book a tour of our coworking spaces today; we’re always happy to bring new members on board!

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