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Why our Lounge Membership is Perfect for Those with Commitment Issues

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While settling down and growing valuable roots is the right move for some people, for the freer spirited, nothing could be less appealing. As J.R.R. Tolkien wrote eloquently, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Even if your folks have been riding your tail about finding a nice partner, adopting a dog, and signing a lease, there’s nothing anyone can say to convince someone who detests feeling tied down to do so.

However, even globe trotting explorers need to find a way to supplement their endeavours, hence the rise of remote workers.

At Project Spaces, we are happy to provide an office for those who aren’t quite ready to settle down. In this blog, we discuss why our lounge membership is perfect for you if you have commitment issues.

The Deets

Before we delve into all the reasons why lounge memberships work for digital nomads, let’s first discuss what one entails:

Tired of spending countless hours in bustling coffee shops to catch up on work and emails? Our lounge membership is the answer to all your problems! This convenient option includes:

·         24/7 drop-in access at both of our downtown Toronto locations
·         Speedy Wi-Fi that you can depend on
·         Meeting room time
·         Access to our printer and scanner
·         Unlimited coffee and tea (yes, the rumours are true)
·         Member-only events
·         Partner discounts (New year new fitness routine at GoodLife, anyone?)
·         Digital Profile

So why exactly does this membership align so seamlessly with the lifestyles of those who don’t like to stay in one place too long?

You can keep things Short Term

If you love staying unattached, then there’s nothing worse than having to sign on for a multi-month, or even year lease to get office space.

Our flexible lounge membership works on a month-to-month basis, so you can easily extend your stay if you find yourself wanting to stick around a while longer!

You don’t have to move in

With a lounge membership, you forego setting up shop at one of our dedicated desks, and can avoid the internal battle of partly moving in, known as the “drawer conversation.” With access to our spacious and modernized lounges that are adorned with comfy couches, reclaimed wood tables, and community kitchens, you can come and go as you please and leave no trace of yourself behind!

You will meet Great People

Just because you’re only going to be in Toronto for a month or so, doesn’t mean you need to feel socially isolated during your stay. What coffee shops fail to provide transient workers is the social community that our lounge membership is known for. Plus, our weekly member events and bi-weekly happy hours provide even more of an opportunity for you to take your “working hat” off and engage in real conversations with other members!

At Project Spaces, we understand that the world is your oyster, so why would you limit yourself to staying in one place too long? Book a tour at our downtown Toronto coworking space today to take the first step towards a more socially rewarding and uninhibited working environment!

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