Past Events

June 25, 2020
Canada Day Kickoff

No matter where you are in this great nation of ours, join us for a virtual toast as we kick-off Canada Day long weekend celebrations with all our favourite people! Caesars encouraged.

June 25, 2020
Fucking Up & The Future of Work

Fuckup AMA with Jeffrey Howard and Neil Martin: the Co-Founders of Project Spaces. Join us as we chat about Fuckups and the future of work in a post-COVID era.

April 8, 2020
BOOST... From Space!!!

We are now hosting Zoom calls every Wednesday at 10am for Project Spaces members to reconnect, share challenges, and let us know how they're keeping sane. Join us!

March 12, 2020
3 Year Anniversary

Join us in celebrating 3 years of Fuckup Nights, hosted by PS member Marsha Druker at Design Exchange, and featuring a talk from our very own Cofounders, Jeff and Neil! You won't want to miss this.

February 27, 2020

A new after work social combining ambient lighting and fresh hip-hop beats for the perfect environment to work and chill. Kombucha, wine and beer included!

February 26, 2020
HackerNest Toronto

The fun way to connect with the -actual- tech community. Down-to-earth and friendly, you show up, make friends, hear from quality people. Easy. We're mostly tech folk, but all nice people are welcome.

February 11, 2020
TD Work Together

We've teamed up with TD to bring you a very special 3-day event called "Work Together" that combines valuable networking, panel discussions and free coworking! Best of all? It's free!

February 5, 2020
JS Code Club

Bring your ideas, pair with other developers, and start building!JS Code Club is open to all. If you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, and have an interest in JavaScript, join the club!

January 28, 2020
Product Hunt

Innovative Wearable Technology is our focus of the night. We have speakers lined up from the following companies to share their stories and showcase their products at the Product Hunt Toronto event.

January 16, 2020
Engineering Communities at Home and Abroad

We are thrilled to host the Society of Women Engineers, the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. Don't miss this awesome talk by Jill Lauren Hass!

December 12, 2019
Holiday Bash 2019

This year we're mixing things up by combining our classic festive social with a family-style potluck dinner! So dress to impress and join us on Thursday, December 12th in the King West lounge.

December 5, 2019
The Science of Success and Achievement

Learn the role you play in creating success and results in any area of your life whether it’s career, health, finances or relationships. Understand how to set the right type of goals to stay inspired and motivated.

November 28, 2019
Member Social

The perfect chance to take a break from the hustle and connect with like-minded people in a fun, laidback setting! Come get a feel for what the Project Spaces community is all about.

November 27, 2019

We're back hosting TOMO TALKS, Episode 09, this time we're happy to be joined by Creative Director, Andrew Vucko. Let's meet on Wednesday, November 27th at 6:30 pm, talk starts at 7 pm, sharp.

November 26, 2019
Email Marketing: MailChimp Master Class

In this 3-hour workshop we'll dive into how to create an effective email marketing plan as well as tools to take your marketing game to the next level. Walk away with new action plans for your business.

November 24, 2019
Swap for a Cause

This event stems from our desire to reduce the wasteful and harmful effects of fast fashion, make sustainable fashion more accessible, and shed some light on why this is so important.

November 14, 2019
The Joy Tribe Co.

Join our community at Project Spaces Camden Street to gain insight and support from our expert speakers, who focus on mental health issues, happiness and self care.

November 13, 2019
Office Opening & Town Hall

Come join Alvin Tedjo in Toronto to talk about basic income, childcare, learning together, and the future of our province. We can't make Alvin's plan a reality without your help.

November 6, 2019
Building The New Web

The web as we know it has proven to be reminiscent of Pandora's Box. An unprecedented experiment of human faith with outcomes we had yet to discover.

October 26, 2019

Your ticket includes delicious beer from our friends at Red Thread Brewing Co, plus heaps of candy, spooky vibes, terrifying decor, and all the heavy halloween tunes your still-beating heart desires.

October 3, 2019
Creating a Professional and Purpose-Driven Career

Many people think about pursuing a career they really want, but fall short of taking action. Why? ‘Conventional wisdom’ would say following your passion is a great hobby, but won’t pay the bills.

September 26, 2019
Member Social

The perfect chance to take a break from the hustle and connect with like-minded people in a fun, laidback setting! Come get a feel for what the Project Spaces community is all about.

September 25, 2019
Retail & E-commerce Fails

The world of Retail and E-commerce is going through some major shifts. In the last few years, we've seen unprecedented closings and bankruptcies at major chains and brands.

September 24, 2019
Leaf Toronto

Our panel will provide a high level overview of the US cannabis markets from the perspective of Canadian companies operating south of the border, including the current landscape..

September 20, 2019
MFKR Comedy Night

Come raise a glass for good in support of Cannabis Amnesty! MFKR Comedy is a social event that brings people together for a night of Live Comedy in support of those doing good in a badass way.

September 18, 2019
MPP Chris Glover

Chris was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 2018 representing the riding of Spadina-Fort York, which just happens to be home to both our King West and Camden Street spaces!

August 27, 2019
Fuckup Nights Toronto

For every ‘Ethereum’ or ‘Ripple,’ there are a dozen hopeful cryptocurrencies that have tanked with thousands of dollars lost. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is a tough game.

August 21, 2019

Hosting Ep. 08 of TOMO TALKS, this time we're happy to be joined by French Art Director, Emilie Muszczak and Director, Julia Deakin to talk Illustration, Animation and their journey through the industry.

August 15, 2019
Fuckup Nights Toronto

Fuckup Nights is a global speaker series where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images.

August 11, 2019
Garden Party

Join us for our 8-year Anniversary Garden Party! Think patio lanterns, Mexican street food, frozen cocktails and all your favourite people gathered in one place. Don't miss it!